Dietary Products

Dietary virgin coconut oil in bottle

Virgin Coconut Oil 250ml

RM 70.00 (MYR)

Pour from bottle and drink, or apply topically

Dietary virgin coconut oil in jam jar

Virgin Coconut Oil 300ml

RM 84.00 (MYR)

Suitable for scooping out from the jar with a spoon

Ripe coconut halves

Why BIOCOCO Virgin Coconut Oil?

Cold pressed + 100% no heat extraction, more antioxidants and nutrients.

Not only are the coconuts processed within hours of harvest (instead of days or weeks), the final Virgin Coconut Oil is produced and bottled within 24 hours from harvest, hence natural ingredients more bio-active (minimal oxidation).
Uses Traditional Mature Coconuts
Biococo virgin coconut oil are extracted from first-pressed coconut cream (not coconut milk which are mixed with water for oil extraction) which contains more vitamins & minerals.
Uses a Unique Technology
Not only cold-pressed, but cold-processed as well, which means 100% no heat. Many (cold press) brands use some heat to remove the moisture from santan (coconut milk) so that it has a longer shelf life but loses some vital vitamins & minerals in the process.
100% Natural & Safe
No Chemicals, No Additives, No Bacteria and No Enzymes (some production uses bacteria & enzyme for fermentation process).

Note: More bio-active means micro-nutrients, vitamins & health enhancing properties are more effective in the neutralizing free-radicals in the body and improve immune system.

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