About Biococo


Biococo virgin coconut oil round stickerBIOCOCO’s finest grade of Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is the result of its 100% No Heat production technology. This very superior VCO is produced using mature coconuts which means more vitamins and minerals (as opposed to young coconuts). The oil is extracted from only first-pressed coconut cream. Lower grade VCOs (not from BIOCOCO) extracts oil from coconut milk, which is coconut meat mixed with water during production process, hence ‘diluted’ cheaper version. Due to its unique 100% No Heat process, minimum nutrients are destroyed. The VCO also remains bio-active and naturally potent since the entire process from fruit harvest to bottling of the oil is completed in 24 hours!

Usage of term “Cold pressed” by some companies, is misleading. It can give the impression that the whole production process does not use any heat at all. Unlike olive oil which produce oil when cold pressed, coconut meat when pressed gives coconut cream—not oil. Many manufacturers either uses or create heat when extracting oil in their production process.

You will also notice that BIOCOCO’s VCO is ‘lighter’ in texture and smoother to consume. The scent is lightly aromatic as it does not undergo a fermentation process that usually uses enzymes.

All of BIOCOCO’s products use pure and 100% natural ingredients. This can be attested by its efficacy. It does not ‘plump up’ with feelers or mix with cheap substitutes. Ingredients will only be used if it complements or enhances the efficacy of the product.

BIOCOCO’s range of skincare products are 100% natural and derived from plant extracts. With a combination of pure and natural tocopherol from VCO and tocotrienol from palm oil, a full family spectrum of vitamin E super nutrients presents synergistically more antioxidant potency to nourish, restore and protect from free radical damage. Free radicals is the leading cause to skin cancer, wrinkles, age spots and other premature ageing symptoms. The Skin Repair Serum also provide some UV protection naturally which has an equivalent of 25-30 SPF.

BIOCOCO uses high grade pure natural plant essential oils that not only sooth & uplift the senses when used, but has also therapeutic health benefits for the skin. It is suitable for all skin types.

All BIOCOCO products do not contain alcohol, artificial fragrance, artificial colouring, mineral oil, additives or preservatives that causes irritation, allergy & other skin problems, or chemical sun protection filters (SPF).

You will also notice that most of our product packaging are environmental-friendly. The bottles used are made of glass. Our soaps eventually had to use plastic wrappers to protect it from absorbing moisture from the air.

We have received quite a few compliments from our customers, including Europeans and Asians that received their BIOCOCO products from friends visiting Malaysia. Try it today and you will be pleasantly surprised too.