About Palm Tocotrienol

All of BIOCOCO’s products contain its uniquely produced Virgin Coconut Oil. Besides its immense range of health benefits, VCO has a very unique medium chain carbon size which means that it is able to penetrate deeper into our skin more easily compared to other oils that are long chain carbon. It reaches the cells to repair, nourish, rejuvenate and protect.

It also acts as an excellent carrier oil, which means that it has the ability to transport nutrients to other parts of our body that needs them for healing purposes.

Whole and one half palm oil fruitsIn recent years, the abundant availability of tocotrienol nutrient of Vitamin E from palm oil has excited scientists and nutritionists around the world. This more powerful antioxidant has brought a new level of breakthrough in the fighting of premature ageing, degenerative diseases and cancer caused by ravaging free radicals from UV radiation, environmental pollution and high consumption of overly processed food.

To truly appreciate the importance and value of tocotrienol Vitamin E, we need to go back to its history. Vitamin E was first discovered in 1922 drawing much supporters as well as opponents. After decades and thousands of studies intensely scrutinized and debated, the news about Vitamin E has been nothing short of breathtaking. Even its strongest proponents could not have imagined the breadth and scope of its potential health benefits to the human race. What makes Vitamin E an ‘Extraordinary Antioxidant’ is due to its ability to maneuver through the fatty parts of the cell membrane & DNA which are inaccessible by other antioxidants, and protect it against the oxidative destruction of free radicals, known as lipid peroxidation. Hence, any deficiency of Vitamin E will expose the cells to free radical attacks that leads to rapid breakdowns and ‘ageing’.

Stalk of lavenderConsumption of tocotrienol Vitamin E is not the only benefit to fight effectively degenerative diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, mental disorders, arthritis etc. It can also be applied to benefit the skin. When massaged into the skin, tocotrienol antioxidant activity provides additional protection against UV oxidation damage that accelerates ageing and promotes cancer. BIOCOCO’s Skin Repair Serum and Soap products are formulated with the super antioxidant tocotrienol Vitamin E extracted from palm oil. Through regular use and application, the skin and underlying tissues are continuously enriched, replenished and protected with tocotrienols antioxidant, that will otherwise be depleted by free radical attacks from UV, pollution and poor diet. The skin heals faster and gives a healthier, softer, smoother, and younger appearance.