About Virgin Coconut Oil

Jug containing virgin coconut oil with cork stopperVirgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is probably the best of all plant oils. Unlike other oils which only has nutritional benefits, VCO also provide antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal healing benefits. This is attributed to its lauric acid which is similarly found in mother’s breast milk, colostrum. It is safe for babies and mum-to-be to consume; and not life threatening if over consumed as there is no toxicity.

In addition, VCO’s unique medium chain (molecular size) enables it to absorb into the skin fast and penetrate deeply to the cellular level for more effective repair and rejuvenation. It is rich in natural antioxidant Vitamin E which is excellent to combat free radicals that causes premature ageing. It also acts as a good ‘regulator’ to the skin – expelling excessive sebum oil or signals to produce more and holds back to moisturize when the skin is dry. Hence, you will not encounter a ‘dry on the outer-oily below skin’ condition. And precisely this, it does not cause oily skin! It also helps to detox dirt and chemicals in the pores.

And due to its natural antibacterial and antifungal properties, VCO applied to the skin can provide protection against harmful bacteria and fungus. So we have it—a clear, healthy, youthful and glowing skin.

Ripe coconut halvesIt is equally or even more important that to have healthy and radiant skin, one needs to take care of one’s internal body. Consumption of VCO brings many many health benefits. One can refer to books by Bruce Fife such as Coconut Cures and The Coconut Oil Miracle, that will provide an account of numerous amazing health benefits from VCO. Also, articles in this website (or simply surf the internet) will give you an idea of some of it.