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Skin repair face serum box and bottle

Skin Repair Face Serum 15ml

RM 90.00 (MYR)

3 in 1 moisturiser, anti-ageing and natural UV protection…for a softer, smoother and clearer skin!

Skin repair serum box and bottle

Skin Repair Face Serum 30ml

RM 150.00 (MYR)

3 in 1 moisturiser, anti-ageing and natural UV protection…for a softer, smoother and clearer skin!

Full and half palm fruits

Why BIOCOCO Skin Repair Serum?

60 Times More Potent Vitamin E
BIOCOCO Skin Repair Serum contains Tocotrienol Vitamin E which has been shown to be up to 60 times more potent to protect and repair skin than the common tocopherol Vitamin E
Faster Absorption & Not Oily!
BIOCOCO’s 100% no-heat virgin coconut oil helps act as a carrier oil and pulls tocotrienol deep into the tissues for cellular repair and protection
Antioxidant Power
Antioxidant works more powerfully when used synergistically with virgin coconut oil’s tocopherol and palm oil’s tocotrienol Vitamin E combined
Softer, Smoother & Healthier Skin
Excellent effect on wrinkles, fine lines, scars, UV protection, pigmentation. Works well on eczema
UV Protection
Provides natural UV protection equivalent to 25-30 SPF for normal day use
Moisturizing Properties
No additional moisturizing needed as it already contains in the form of virgin coconut oil
Uplifting Scent
The scent from citrus essential oils is loved by clients
100% Natural & Safe
100% natural plant extract. No alcohol, artificial fragrance, artificial colouring, mineral oil, additives or preservatives. Non-GMO ingredients
All-Time Favourite
Extremely popular and raved by many clients!
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