Can Coconut Oil Help Clear Acne?

I heard that coconut oil will help clear up acne. When I put the oil on my face, my outbreaks increased. Why is that?

When people start applying coconut oil to the skin to treat acne they will experience one of two reactions. 1) The acne will clear up nicely without problem. 2) You will experience an increase in outbreaks.

The reason for the increase in acne in some people isn’t because the coconut oil isn’t working, it is. In fact, that is why there is an increase. Coconut oil has a powerful cleansing or detoxifying effect when applied on the skin. If the skin is full of toxins, as is the case for most people who have a problem with acne, the oil will draw the toxins to the surface. As they are purged from the skin, an increase in acne may result. This increase in outbreaks will only last a couple of weeks or so. Once the skin has been cleansed, it will clear up and become acne free. So, stick to it. Keep using the oil until the acne clears up.

Diet has a pronounced affect on the health of your skin. Junk foods, bad oils, and such fill our bodies and our skin with toxins that promote acne. If your diet is poor, even if you use coconut oil topically you may experience resurgence in acne.

For acne treatment, apply a thin layer of coconut oil on the face at least once a day. Unlike other oils that leave a greasy layer on the skin, coconut oil is absorbed into the skin. The skin will absorb the oil up to a point, so if you put too much on, it will sit on the surface of the skin for some time before it is absorbed. If you put a thin layer on the skin it will be absorb in just a couple of minutes and will not make your skin or face look or feel greasy.
There are many advantages of using coconut oil topically. After using it on the face for a few days, you will notice a distinct change in the texture of your skin. The oil softens the skin, sloughs off dead skin, and gives it a healthy, youthful shine. Because of the stability of the oil, it also protects the skin from the damaging effects UV radiation. Coconut oil acts like an antioxidant to protect the skin from free radicals created by sun exposure or environmental contaminants and helps retard the effects of aging. It is the best natural skin ointment I’ve ever seen.

This article was published by Dr. Bruce Fife a.k.a. “Dr. Coconut” that answers questions about coconut, diet, and nutrition.