Can You ‘Catch’ Eczema?

By Smit Chacha

Eczema or dermatitis affects around 34 million people around the globe and these numbers are climbing every year. In this article I will reveal few ways you can get infected with this skin disease. I will also share few things that you can avoid catching this disease.

Eczema as you know is a skin disease that causes severe itchiness, dryness, irritation, inflammation, redness and sometimes bleeding. But how do you catch eczema?

Well, you can catch this disease by following ways:

Family inheritance: meaning if a direct member of your family is or was diagnosed with dermatitis then you are a highly likely to inherit it.

Allergies: dust, pets and other allergic candidates can easily strike eczema, especially if you have a sensitive skin.

Lack of nutrients: lack of vital nutrients can definitely strike eczema, specially vitamin E and Aloe Vera, these are vital skin nutrients. They are the fuel that maintains our skin healthy and therefore if our body and skin suffers from lack of these vital ingredients your body will react and therefore eczema will appear or strike!

So how can I avoid eczema?

For starters have a regular healthy diet, rich in vitamin E and Aloe Vera. Prevent your body and skin from suffering a lack of these vital nutrients.

Drinking 2/3 litres of water a day is also a good idea, as you know dry skin can strike eczema and one of its symptoms is dryness. Therefore drinking the daily recommend amount of water will prevent this to happen as well as dehydration. If you maintain your body hydrated the chances are the you will not require a constant use of body moisturizers.

Wearing cotton clothes is also a good idea; cotton is a very soft, smooth and itchy free material. Therefore by wearing cotton wear you will reduce skin irritation and therefore eczema.

Avoiding fragrances, detergents and other chemical made products is also advisable. These are made from harsh chemicals that can react very badly specially over a sensitive skin, which can lead to eczema to appear.

Eating healthy dose of fruits such as: apples, bananas, berries, beaches, apricots, mangoes, coconuts, pears and oranges is always a good advice, not only for avoiding eczema but also do avoid many other diseases. Fruits and veggies contain plenty of vitamins and minerals and with a healthy amount of these vital nutrients we drastically reduce our chances of suffering any sort of diseases.