Coconut Motor Oil

Coconut oil has long been used to power diesel engines and trucks, but could it also be used as an engine lubricant as well? Apparently it can. Motor vehicle owners in India are already using it.

InIndiathe streets are littered with small three-wheeled taxis known as autorikshaws. One autorikshaw driver in the town ofCherupuzhahas been using coconut oil in his vehicle for years. The driver, G. Rajeevan, says it makes an ideal substitute for conventional motor oil. Rajeevan’s claims have been evaluated by the State Science & Technology Department, which has affirmed that coconut oil could be used as an effective alternative motor oil for small automobile engines stating, “There are no adverse effects on the engine parts or in the performance of the petrol engine.” They have, therefore, recommended that coconut oil “can be used as an alternative to the commercial petroleum lubricant” in light commercial vehicles.

This endorsement came after Mr. Rajeevan sent a report about his innovation to Chief Minister Oommen Chandy who Rajevan said, followed up with the State Council for Science, Technology, and Environment. The new lubricant is more environmentally friendly and less expensive than petroleum-based lubricants.

Mr. Rajeevan has been using coconut oil in his autorikshaw for the past 13 years, providing a long term test of the oil in a heavily used commercial vehicle. Autorikshaw drivers depend on their vehicles for their livelihoods. So it is imperative that their vehicles provide trouble-free performance for as long as possible. Coconut oil apparently has passed the test.

Mr. Rajeevan can now seek support of the automobile manufacturing units to profess his claims supported by the State Science & Technology Department. And the Department will be happy to come in support of his initiative to help provide an environmentally friendly source of motor oil and support local coconut farmers. Coconut oil is a clean, organic renewable resource.